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As the admirals dodge the projectiles formed from the frozen mast, Luffy activates Gear Second, hoping to make a straight dash for Ace. However, Kizaru easily catches up to him and knocks him aside with a kick of light. Whitebeard notes how Luffy’s recklessness is just like Ace’s.

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  • Aomine leaves mid-practice and the coach gives him permission to skip practices, leaving Aomine in even more despair.
  • Near, takes position within the SPK, and Mello decides to kidnap Sayu.
  • Share it with your friends, and your reward will be automatically tracked and then transferred to you.

The untold story of the creation of the Mage Guild Fairy Tail. Follow Mavis Vermillion and her friends’ journey into what started it all—from war to new adventures to heartbreak—revealing a dark past with an eye to a brighter future. Erza’s former friends from her childhood make an appearance and cause chaos for Fairy Tail’s strongest team, primarily by abducting Erza and taking her to the Tower of Heaven. There, Erza and her friends must confront Jellal Fernandes, one of Erza’s longtime friends gone Animeflix insane. At Sakura Con 2011, Funimation Entertainment announced that they had acquired the license to the first 48 episodes of Fairy Tail. In sets of 12 episodes each, on Blu-ray and DVD combo packs, they released Part 1 on November 22, 2011, Part 2 on December 27, 2011, Part 3 on January 31, 2012 and Part 4 on March 20, 2012.

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The action is swift and well-drawn, with character designs ranging from giant pillow monsters to a giant lizard man. This anime improved over the webtoon in every single way, with a distinct and rough artstyle plus an electronic orchestral soundtrack providing an epic weight to every conflict. Dark, visceral, yet unmistakable anime – Knights of Sidonia is unique in its storytelling and world design. The expansive battlefield of space provides an incredible backdrop for the beautifully 3D animated mecha battles.

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The tsunamis are soon right above the heads of the Marines as they begin to panic . Aokiji suddenly vanishes from his seat and uses Ice Age to freeze the waves before they crash down on the base. He then goes to attack Whitebeard, but the pirate captain easily stops the attack with an airquake, hitting the admiral in the process and shattering him.

After Kazuto finished explaining about his experience in Sword Art Online, he got a message from Asuna which contained a picture of her with Suguha, Rika and Keiko at the pool. This then started a talk about Kazuto joining ALfheim Online to find and rescue Asuna from Sugou Nobuyuki. Kazuto then recounted his duel with Heathcliff, and stated that this duel gave him the clue to his true identity. Please keep in mind this Twitter account is not official or anything. He says his information is coming from interviews and such, but provides no sources.